Clinched Highway Mapping Start Page

CHM Collaboration

The Clinched Highway Mapping project began as a way to track travels of only United States Interstate highways. With the help of the following collaborators, we have significantly expanded the highway coverage to include more of the major highways in many countries.

We can be contacted at the CHM Forum.


Timothy Reichard (treichard), project manager
Clinched Highway Mapping

Eric Bryant (yakra)
The Maine Drag

ChrisZwolle (chriszwolle)
European Roads

Dave Filpus (dfilpus)
Filpus Roadgeek

Ryan Fox (boy_asunder)

Adam Froehlig (froggie)
Froggie's Place

Si Hollett (si404)

Michael Maggio (mcmagi)

James Mast (rickmastfan67)
Rickmastfan67 Blog

Jeff Morrison (jeffm)
Iowa Highway Ends

J Proctor (oxlahun)

Dan Schwarting

Christopher Steig (bickendan)

Jim Teresco (terescoj)
Why Do You Have So Many Pictures of Road Signs?

Andrew Tompkins (andytom)

Oscar Voss (oscar_voss)