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2014 Updates to Highway Data

Check out the following list from time to time to see changes and corrections to our highway data.

New routes are born, decommissioned, renumbered, extended, and even shortened every so often, and these changes are periodically listed below. Occasional corrections to the highway data are also given below. These changes may affect your clinched highway maps and may require you to update and resubmit your .list file. Check your error log for new errors generated by these changes.

Visit our Forum to let us know about any highway changes not yet reflected in our highway data.

See also the list of new highway systems and major projects.

August 2014

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February 2014
  • (Canada) Northwest Territories NT 3: Moved waypoint NT4 from Old Ingraham Trail (now labeled OldIngTr) to Ingraham Trail.
  • (Canada) Northwest Territories NT 4: Removed from Old Ingraham Trail between NT 3 and Ingraham Trail, and relocated onto Ingraham Trail between NT 3 and Old Ingraham Trail.
  • (Canada) Prince Edward Island TCH (PEI)/PE 1: Removed from Strathgartney Road, and relocated onto the parallel limited access highway to the northwest, between the two closed intersections with Strathgartney Road (labeled *StrRd_W and *StrRd_E). Removed from Churchill Road and Boyle Road, and relocated onto the parallel limited access highway north of Churchill Road and south of Boyle Road, between the western closed Churchill Road intersection and Boyle Road.
  • (Canada) Prince Edward Island PE 9: Removed from Boyle Road, and relocated onto Colville Road and PE 1, between the closed intersection with Old PE 1 and Boyle Road.
  • (Canada) Prince Edward Island PE 244: Truncated between the old southern end at Churchill Road and the new end at PE 1.
  • (USA) Illinois I-70: Removed from the Poplar Street Bridge and I-55/I-64 between the Missouri border and the eastern I-55/I-64 interchange, and relocated onto the freeway using the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge between and I-55/I-64.
  • (USA) Kansas KS 205: Deleted route.
  • (USA) Kansas KS 210: Deleted route.
  • (USA) Kansas KS 221: Deleted route.
  • (USA) Kansas KS 271: Deleted route.
  • (USA) Missouri I-44: Extended northward from I-64 to I-70 north of Cass Avenue.
  • (USA) Missouri I-70: Removed from the Poplar Street Bridge in St. Louis between Exit 249 and the Illinois border, and relocated onto the Stan Musial Veterans Memorial Bridge between Exit 249 and the Illinois border.
  • (USA) North Carolina US 158 Alternate (Henderson): Renamed to US 158 Business (Henderson).
  • (USA) North Carolina US 158 Business (Henderson): Renamed from US 158 Alternate (Henderson).
  • (USA) North Carolina NC 148: Extended westward from US 258 to US 70.
  • (USA) North Carolina NC 308 Truck Windsor: Added route.
  • (USA) Ohio US 6: Removed from old Venice Road, and relocated onto the Venice Road bypass to the south, between George Street and Anderson Street in Sandusky.
  • (USA) Ohio OH 51: Removed from the Washington Street/Monroe Street couplet, and relocated onto Monroe Street, between Summit Street and 22nd Street.
  • (USA) Ohio OH 101: Removed from Tiffin Avenue, and relocated onto George Street and US 6, between the Tiffin Avenue & George Street intersection and Anderson Street.
  • (USA) Ohio OH 185: Removed from Jackson Street and West Street, and relocated onto the OH 185 Bypass and Greenlawn Avenue, between Jackson Street and the Greenlawn Avenue & West Street intersection.
  • (USA) Ohio OH 613: Truncated between the old eastern end at OH 12 and the new end at US 23.
  • (USA) Ohio OH 753: Extended northward from US 22 to US 62/OH 3.
  • (USA) Texas I-610: Moved waypoint 12 from US 290 (now labeled 13B) to Hempstead Highway.
  • (USA) Texas US 377: Moved waypoint I-35W(52A) from TX 121/TX Spur 347 (now labeled I-35W(52B)) to US 287/TX Spur 280.
  • (USA) Virginia US 19 Truck (Bristol): Extended southward from Goode Street to Euclid Avenue.
  • (USA) Washington WA 503 Business Brush (Prairie): Added route.

January 2014

  • Croatia A1: Extended southward from Exit 30a (Z6208) to Exit 32 (A10).
  • Croatia A10: Extended westward from D62 to A1.
  • Croatia E65: Removed from Z6208, D62, D513, Z6276, and D8; and relocated onto A1 and D425, between A1 Exit 30a and the D8 & D425 interchange.
  • Czech Republic R7 (Vysočany): Renamed to R7 (Chomutov). Extended westward from Exit 66 (I/27) to Exit 82 (I/13 / E442).
  • France A406: Added route.
  • Norway E6 (Kirkenes): Removed from Kafjordveien near Alta, and relocated onto Kafjord Bru and Sahkkobatnitunnelen, between Kafjordveien (labeled KafVei_S) and Fv18.
  • Norway E16: Removed from Evangervegen, Uttragate, and Strandavegen in Vossevangen, and relocated onto Vangstunnelen, between Evangervegen (labeled EvaVeg) and Rv13.
  • Poland A1 (Grudziądz): Extended southward from DK91 to DK62.
  • Poland A4 (Jarosław): Extended westward from DW880 to DK94. Extended eastward from DK77 to DK94 near the Ukraine border.
  • Poland S8 (Oleśnica): Extended eastward from Ulica Cieśle near Cieśle to DK14.
  • Poland E40: Removed from DK94, and relocated on A4, between DK94 near Wierzbna and DK94 near the Ukraine border.
  • Poland E67: Removed from DK98, and relocated onto S8, between DK25 and DK14.
  • Poland E371: Removed from DK9, and relocated onto DK94, S19, and A4/S19, between DK9 in Rzeszów and the S4/S19 & DK9 interchange.
  • Romania A1 (Lugoj): Added route.
  • Romania A6: Added route.
  • Spain A-8 (Gijón): Extended westward from Exit 474 to NV5 near Villapedre, then continuing along the Ribadeo section of A-8 from NV5 to Exit 536 (N-634).
  • Spain A-15 (Radona): Merged with A-15 (Soria).
  • Spain A-15 (Soria): Extended southward from Exit 44 to N-111 near Sauquillo Del Campo, then continuing along the Radona section of A-15 from N-111 near Sauquillo Del Camp to N-111 south of Exit 13.
  • Spain E70: Removed from NV-5 and N-634, and relocated onto A-8, between A-8 Exit 474 and the NV-5 interchange of A-8.
  • (USA) Delaware DE 404 Truck (Georgetown): Added route.
  • (USA) Iowa IA 2: Truncated between the old east end at the Illinois border and the new end at US 61.
  • (USA) Kansas KS 74: Deleted route.
  • (USA) Kentucky US 27: Removed from Old Paris Pike, and relocated onto Paris Pike, between a point south of KY 32 and County Lane.
  • (USA) Kentucky US 62: Removed from US 27 south of Mill Street, and relocated onto US 27 north of Mill Street and the western Cythiana bypass, between Mill Street and Leesburg Pike.
  • (USA) Kentucky US 127: Removed from Tennessee Road, Washington Street, and KY 1590; and relocated onto the western Albany bypass; between the Tennessee border and KY 1590.
  • (USA) Kentucky US 127 Business (Albany): Extended southward from KY 1590 to US 127.
  • (USA) Kentucky KY 553: Removed from Old Wisdom Dock Road, and relocated onto a bypass to the north, between Hudson Road and Gibson Road. Moved waypoint US127 from Washington Street (now labeled US127Bus) to the US 127 bypass to the west.
  • (USA) Kentucky KY 680: Removed from KY 979, and relocated onto the parallel highway to the west, between intersections with KY 979 north of Grethel.
  • (USA) Kentucky KY 738: Removed from Old Wolf River Dock Road, and relocated onto a bypass to the northwest, between Page Road and a point shortly northeast of US 127. Moved waypoint US127 from Tennessee Road (now labeled US127Bus) tot he US 127 bypass to the south.
  • (USA) Kentucky KY 969: Truncated between the old western end at Tennesee Road and the new end at US 127.
  • (USA) Missouri MO 94: Extended westward from MO 94 (labeled MO94_E) along MO 94 to Mid-Rivers Mall Drive.
  • (USA) New Jersey US 9: Removed from North Shore Road and New Road, and relocated onto Roosevelt Boulvard and the Garden State Parkway, between the intersection of North Shore Road and Roosevelt Boulevard and Garden State Parkway Exit 29.
  • (USA) New York NY 127: Removed from Harrison Avenue between US 1 and Keeler Avenue, and relocated onto Keeler Avenue between US 1 and Harrison Avenue.
  • (USA) Oklahoma US 70 Bypass (Durant): Added route.
  • (USA) Pennsylvania US 19 Truck (Harlansburg): Added route.
  • (USA) Pennsylvania US 30 Truck (Imperial): Added route.
  • (USA) Pennsylvania PA 65 Truck (McKees Rocks): Added route.
  • (USA) Pennsylvania PA 65 Truck (New Castle): Added route.
  • (USA) Pennsylvania PA 252 Truck (Newtown Square): Added route.
  • (USA) Pennsylvania PA 488 Truck (Ellwood City): Added route.
  • (USA) Pennsylvania PA 655 Truck (Belleville): Added route.
  • (USA) Washington WA 503: Extended southward from Padden Parkway to Fourth Plain Boulevard.
  • (USA) Texas I-35: Moved waypoint 236A from Dean Keeton Street (now labeled 236) to 32nd Street in Austin.
  • (USA) Texas US 87: Moved waypoint I-10(556) from TX Spur 53 (now labeled I-10(557)) to TX Loop 1604.
  • (USA) Texas US 87: Moved waypoint I-10(561) from Huebner Road (now labeled I-10(560A)) to Wurzbach Road.
  • (USA) Texas TX 130: Extended southward from I-10 Exit 615 to I-410 Exit 53.