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Highway Systems

Highways are grouped into the highway systems listed below. The total length of the highways is given for each system. Most systems contain highways with the same designation type or route marker and span the extent of a country or subdivision.

Click on a highway system in the table to see the traveler standings for that system.

Highway System
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Total Length (mi)
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Number of Highways
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All highway systems 533,082.7 12,376
ALB: Albania Motorways49.3 2
AUT: Austria Motorways1,058.0 23
AUT: Austria Expressways287.4 13
BEL: Belgium Motorways994.2 29
BIH: Bosnia and Herzegovina Motorways28.6 2
BGR: Bulgaria Motorways387.8 7
CAN: Nova Scotia Provincial Freeways799.0 13
CAN: Ontario Provincial Freeways1,203.2 17
CAN: Quebec Freeways1,356.2 35
CAN: Trans-Canada Highway8,202.5 17
CAN: New Brunswick Provincial Highways5,255.8 185
CAN: Nova Scotia Trunk Routes1,365.8 25
CAN: Nova Scotia Collector Routes1,902.5 85
CAN: Northwest Territorial Highways1,276.9 8
CAN: Ontario King's Highways6,287.4 84
CAN: Prince Edward Island Provincial Highways2,161.2 240
CAN: Yukon Territorial Highways2,320.3 12
CHE: Switzerland Motorways1,078.4 34
CYP: Cyprus Motorways153.1 6
CZE: Czech Republic Motorways483.6 8
CZE: Czech Republic Expressways290.4 21
DEU: Germany Motorways8,030.3 155
ESP: Spain National Motorways7,334.7 211
ESP: Spain Select Autonomous Community Motorways1,990.6 82
FRA: France Motorways7,154.9 145
FRA: Martinique Motorways4.2 1
GBR: Great Britain M Motorways1,924.7 54
GBR: Great Britain A Motorways214.8 22
GBR: Northern Ireland M Motorways69.1 7
GBR: Northern Ireland A Motorways1.0 1
GBR: Great Britain A Roads (Zones 2-5, 7)16,029.8 1,090
GBR: Northern Ireland A Roads1,345.1 62
GRC: Greece Motorways1,012.0 26
HRV: Croatia Motorways790.8 11
HUN: Hungary Motorways841.1 20
IMN: Isle of Man A Roads200.0 31
IRL: Ireland Motorways557.1 15
IRL: Ireland National Roads2,710.4 79
ITA: Italy Motorways4,135.5 72
ITA: Italy Select Named Motorways357.2 23
JAM: Jamaica Motorways21.6 1
JEY: Jersey A Roads45.8 17
LUX: Luxembourg Motorways88.3 7
LUX: Luxembourg Expressways5.3 3
MEX: Mexico Federal Expressways4,914.4 84
MEX: Mexico State Expressways410.6 11
NLD: Netherlands Motorways1,544.5 51
POL: Poland Motorways936.6 13
POL: Poland Expressways773.0 53
PRT: Portugal Motorways1,810.3 36
RKS: Kosovo Motorways36.9 1
ROU: Romania Motorways396.8 10
SVK: Slovakia Motorways256.8 8
SVK: Slovakia Expressways142.6 9
SVN: Slovenia Motorways328.8 5
SVN: Slovenia Expressways44.7 5
TUR: Turkey Motorways1,243.7 44
USA: United States Interstate Highways48,132.9 345
USA: United States Future Interstate Highways1,265.7 40
USA: United States Business Interstate Highways1,694.1 307
USA: United States Numbered Highways137,976.4 218
USA: United States Auxiliary Numbered Highways7,847.9 1,090
USA: United States Select Named Freeways2,212.1 57
USA: United States Select Numbered State Freeways1,492.4 71
USA: Arizona State Highways3,339.2 74
USA: Connecticut State Highways2,603.7 208
USA: District of Columbia District Highways4.3 1
USA: Delaware State Highways887.2 66
USA: Hawaii State Highways881.9 64
USA: Iowa State Highways5,156.1 95
USA: Idaho State Highways2,401.7 72
USA: Illinois State Highways9,004.7 157
USA: Kansas State Highways5,409.2 185
USA: Kentucky State Highways 1-99914,174.9 974
USA: Maine State Highways5,009.4 188
USA: Maryland State Highways3,929.9 470
USA: Massachusetts State Highways3,319.6 151
USA: Michigan State Highways6,042.6 143
USA: Minnesota State Highways8,024.1 172
USA: Missouri State Highways8,787.8 220
USA: Nebraska State Highways5,940.6 101
USA: Nevada State Highways2,583.5 152
USA: New Hampshire State Highways2,683.6 122
USA: New Jersey State Highways1,322.0 100
USA: New York State Highways12,634.4 492
USA: North Carolina State Highways8,702.9 256
USA: North Dakota State Highways5,577.8 75
USA: Ohio State Highways14,582.6 552
USA: Oklahoma State Highways8,270.9 226
USA: Oregon State Routes4,532.5 135
USA: Pennsylvania State Highways12,400.3 496
USA: Rhode Island State Highways651.8 65
USA: South Dakota State Highways5,107.7 93
USA: Washington State Highways4,648.3 188
USA: West Virginia State Highways3,729.2 134
USA: Wisconsin State Highways8,717.9 175
EUR: International European Roads106,896.7 315