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bmantz65's Travel Summary

Overall travels

Total miles traveled: 1,876.9
Highway systems traveled: 6
Highway systems clinched: 0
Highways traveled: 37
Highways clinched: 3

Traveled highway systems

Highway System
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Length (mi) Traveled
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Traveled Highways
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Clinched Highways
Sort Ascending Sort Ascending
1 United States Interstate Highways1,651.1 17 2
2 United States Numbered Highways237.8 9 0
3 Pennsylvania State Highways89.7 8 1
4 New York State Highways2.5 1 0
5 United States Auxiliary Numbered Highways1.5 1 0
6 New Jersey State Highways0.5 1 0

Maps of Travels

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Map data sources: Clinched Highway Mapping, OpenStreetMap, USGS, CIA World DataBank, US Census 2000, World Gazetteer